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  • Opioids, NSAIDs, Chiropractic Care and Fish Oil - What Works Best
    It’s difficult to know what word to apply to the use of opioid medications.  Use, overuse or abuse.  All can be applicable.  The word “abuse,” however is the more commonly Read more
  • Chiropractic Care and Motor Vehicle Crashes
    First, let me define the meaning related to the above title.  Seems relatively straight forward, I know.  The variation I use is to define the event as a “crash” rather Read more
  • Spring Ahead, Fall Back!
    We have met the first indicator that spring is on the way.  We've moved the hands on the clock ahead one hour.  I’ve also seen my first Robin of the Read more
  • What Does a Doctor Think About?
    It’s hard to believe, but I’m approaching 30 years in active practice.  Why this question crept into my mind in the recent hours, I’m not certain.  The question that settled Read more
  • Ice Storms and Naviating Your Way Through Them
    Today’s forecast is for freezing rain.  Nothing sends more fear into most people’s hearts than the thought of having to navigate on foot or in your car when the world Read more
  • Winter Driving - Do You Need a Refresher?
    We are only now starting to see more representative winter weather here in Wisconsin.  We had the bitter cold, but now we are starting to see the snow. A few Read more
  • Weather and Pain - What is the relationship?
    The skies are blue, the temperatures are comfortable, but you have developed again that nagging pain in your shoulder, your knee, your hip.  It can be any joint.  You have Read more
  • Text Neck - Is It A Real Problem?
    Text Neck and Chiropractic Care Read more
  • Spring Has Sprung
    With the roll out of our new web site is the ability to blog. Though I’ve read a good number of blogs over the years this will be my first effort. Read more

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