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Eating a Plant-Based Diet Has Multiple Benefits

Sauk Prairie Chiropractic Llc is your Prairie Du Sac chiropractor that offers nutritional counseling as well as other wellness services. Many people have been asking about plant-based diets and we are happy to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of any type of nutritional plan with our patients.

Common Questions about a Plant-Based Diet:

Are they vegan? While plant-based diets and vegan diets have some similarities, plant-based diets include animal products.

Is a person able to get all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need from a plant-based diet? Remember that high protein foods like peanuts and beans are part of plant-based diets, as well as filling, mineral-dense foods like sweet potatoes and bananas. Not only can you get all of your needed nutrients, but you can also get full as well.

What are the rules? There really are no strict rules to plant-based diets. Simply choose plants for all or most of your calories. The best thing about this kind of diet plan is that any level of compliance is super beneficial to your health. It is not just about weight loss, it is about improving your overall health and wellness. If you try a plant-based diet and discover new healthy vegetable recipes that you can make whole meals out of, then you will reap benefits, even if you go "off-plan" occasionally.

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Our skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor and nutritionist at Sauk Prairie Chiropractic Llc are trained to help you learn more about how nutrition affects all aspects of your health and wellness and help you have the information you need to find a plan that works for your lifestyle. Contact us for a consultation today by calling (608) 643-4285.

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