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Chiropractic Care and Motor Vehicle Crashes

First, let me define the meaning related to the above title.  Seems relatively straight forward, I know.  The variation I use is to define the event as a “crash” rather than an “accident.”  Referring to the event as an “accident” suggests that this is a fatalistic event.  The moon and stars aligned just right and an “accident” occurred.  This is quite the opposite.  There are usually circumstances that contribute to crashes.  I’m splitting hairs.  Let’s move forward.  

Most of us, at the very least, know someone that has been involved in a motor vehicle crash (MVC).  The vast majority of these MVC’s are minor and there is no injury sustained.  There are, however, instances wherein the forces and mechanics of the crash are sufficient that injury does occur.  It is imperative that when seeking care for injuries sustained in a MVC that you seek a provider that has extensive understanding of how the circumstances of the crash can dictate the injuries, the severity of the injuries and how best to treat the injuries.  

A discussion of all the factors that are critical in the understanding of the mechanics of a motor vehicle crash, how they translate into occupant kinematic (i.e., how the person moves during the crash event) and the resulting injuries is well beyond the scope of this brief blog article.  I think that what is important to understand is that there are factors that are important to know and understand as they will influence the nature of the injury, the severity of the injury and, in some cases, the potential for recovery from injuries.  

Here at Sauk Prairie Chiropractic we have the expertise that is absolutely imperative to the treatment of injuries related to MVC’s.  Dr. Terbilcox “wears multiple hats.”  He is, of course, a Doctor of Chiropractic.  He is trained to the level of an orthopedic diplomat offering him the level of training and experience to thoroughly understand your injuries.  He is also an Engineer.  Prior to becoming a DC Dr. Terbilcox was an engineer working in the aerospace industry.  This provides him with the knowledge to understand the mechanics related to the crash and how injury can be sustained.  In so many instances lay people (I’ll include in this category most MD’s, most DC’s, the majority of attorneys and likely all insurance claims adjusters) have no understanding of how an event that on its surface would appear to be a minor crash could possibly cause injury and resulting pain due to the unusual loads delivered to the occupant of the vehicle during the crash event.  Dr. Terbilcox is also an Auto Crash Reconstructionist.  This area of expertise allows for an understanding of the forces that is vehicle is exposed to during the crash event and how the vehicle might have moved from beginning to end.  Consider this, how the vehicle moves will ultimately dictate how the occupants of that vehicle will move.  How the occupant move will dictate the location and types of injuries they sustain.  

What we are doing in this brief blog article is just scratching the surface of the topic of motor vehicle crashes and their related injuries.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve consulted in cases for attorneys and discovered that the treating providers (and this includes DC’s, MD’s and PT’s) were employing therapies that were completely inappropriate to the injuries sustained.  

I think that the brief point I’m trying to make in this blog post is that if you have been in a motor vehicle crash and have sustained injury it is critical that you consult with the most highly trained health care provider possible.  Having a complete history obtained (including the nature of the crash – a knowledgeable healthcare provider will ask extensive questions about the crash) and a thorough examination of the injured regions performed are essential.  Taking this information and coupling it with the knowledge of the factors that are associated with injury risk, severity risk and risk of long-term symptoms will allow the course(s) of care to be initiated that will most likely allow you to return to normal or close to normal as quickly as possible.   

If you have been in a MVC, or know someone that has, we are available as a resource of information and care.

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