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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Terbilcox comes to Sauk Prairie Chiropractic, LLC with a diverse background. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, he worked in Seattle, Washington, as an engineer in the aerospace industry.

Seeking a Values-Driven Profession

Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Terbilcox determined that a lifestyle offering care to others was at the root of his values. He preferred chiropractic care because of its more natural and holistic approach, and he worked his way through doctoral training as a college level instructor, teaching both physics and biochemistry.

Impressive Training & Education

Now, after more than 27 years as a chiropractor, Dr. Terbilcox continues to practice and improve his level of service to the Sauk City and Prairie du Sac area. He has pursued post-doctoral training as a chiropractic orthopedist and gone through training that allowed him to become a local expert in motor vehicle crashes and sustained injuries. He is also a certified Kinesio Taping® practitioner and has completed the necessary training and certification to become a state-certified nutritional counselor.

Respected in the Health Care Field

Dr. Terbilcox is a well-respected member of the local health care community. A longtime member of several managed care plans, he is often sought to provide his expert opinion in cases involving chiropractic care.

Ongoing Service

Dr. Terbilcox continues to be of service in his spare time. In addition to being a member of the National Ski Patrol®, he puts in more hours than can be counted as the patrol director for the Tyrol Basin Ski Patrol in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. In this capacity, not only is he the primary administrator for the patrol activities at Tyrol Basin, he also provides service to members of the public who may suffer injury or become ill while enjoying the recreational activities that winters in Wisconsin have to offer.

As an ongoing effort to support healthy activities, Dr. Terbilcox also enjoys serving as a high school and youth boys lacrosse official throughout the southern half of Wisconsin. During the season, he dedicates around 10-15 hours a week to this activity.

A History with Sauk County

Dr. Terbilcox has a long family history in the area. Both of his parents are natives of Sauk County, and his spouse of over 30 years is an area chiropractor. He also raised two sons locally.

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